New sinks are in!

Look how pretty! This is the after picture, just wait till you see the before picture....not for the squeamish, lol!

Oh my. Now that's bad....but cast iron is NOT the way to go with hard water (or soft water, says I) but we finally got something clean, shiny and pretty. It's like the whole kitchen can relax now....

And here is Mr. Wonderful with his super strong abs...he SO hates plumbing. But he soldiered on, that's why he is Mr. Wonderful. Putting them in ourselves saved us $200 - $300. Cost of the sinks AND faucet set.

Like his cute little head light? Adorable, I know.

I found some stainless steel wipes at the grocery store for $3.78 and they really work well.

Well they are finally in and I am sooooo happy. I put some shelving paper underneath and cleaned out all that junk. It really was worth it. What do you think? Well, to me, fur sure. And of course Mr. Wonderful is simply delighted, lol!

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Mo Pie, Please said...

Congrats! I'm in the process of buying a house right now and I can only imagine all the costs that go into fixing things up. My husband is super excited to get his hands on some projects and I say thank heavens!