Accepting Credit Card payments now!

I'm so excited! Now I can take credit card payments ANYWHERE and ANYTIME! It's a company called Square and it is apparently very simple. This is what Time had to say about it:
"There might not be a piece of tech more due for an update than the cash register. Enter Square, a payment platform created by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. With the aid of a tiny magnetic card reader that attaches to a smart phone, Square lets anyone process credit cards. It might not do away with paper entirely — plenty of people still prefer cash — but you certainly don't need to wait for a receipt: sign on the screen, and Square sends a copy straight to e-mail."

It attaches to my phone (LG Ally) and takes credit cards! And, the customer signs the screen!

How cool is that? Then, guess what? It sends a receipt by email or text. I really think this is cool. It can figure taxes and record cash purchases too. All for a 2.75% charge, with no other fees at all. Immediate deposit to your account. Sound too good to be true? Well, I am about to find out! Stay tuned for more info on how it works!


Hayley said...

Wooo! We just upgraded to Droids, & I'm looking forward to giving this little widget of genius a whirl. The granola girl at the local farmers market uses it & has nothing but glowing praise :)

Cheryl Ann said...

Well, I'm still waiting on my reader but I researched it and it is apparently very secure. It has to have a good solid signal because it transmits over a secure internet connection. And the company keeps all the info collected in case of any disputes. I'm excited to get my reader and start trying it out!