First Sale on ETSY!!

I have my first sale on ETSY! Yay and it is by Pinky's Bakery and they bought the Grand Opening Sale special of four of my soaps. They will receive a special gift also! Thanks so very much guys!!

Sweet & Simple Creamy Lotion on Etsy

Look at my beautiful new lotion labels! I just love them, maybe just a tiny bit more tweaking but overall they are just what I had in mind. I hope everybody else loves them too!

Little Owls

My girlfriend, Vernie, found these cute little owls and got them for me. I glued them to the top of my monitor and I just love them! Thanks so much, chickadee!

Such a cute little thing!

Isn't this the cutest little bowl you have ever seen? What is it you ask? Good question. I wanted it before I knew what it was for, and then when I found out what it does I wanted it even MORE. It's an egg separator. You pour your egg in, and the white will flow out the mouth and the yolk will stay inside, safe and sound. I know, right? Sooo very cool. And the fact that it is a dead ringer for Bill Murray just closed the deal for me. It was $10 and is prominently displayed in my kitchen. Maybe someday I will even USE it, lol....