Accepting Credit Card payments now!

I'm so excited! Now I can take credit card payments ANYWHERE and ANYTIME! It's a company called Square and it is apparently very simple. This is what Time had to say about it:
"There might not be a piece of tech more due for an update than the cash register. Enter Square, a payment platform created by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. With the aid of a tiny magnetic card reader that attaches to a smart phone, Square lets anyone process credit cards. It might not do away with paper entirely — plenty of people still prefer cash — but you certainly don't need to wait for a receipt: sign on the screen, and Square sends a copy straight to e-mail."

It attaches to my phone (LG Ally) and takes credit cards! And, the customer signs the screen!

How cool is that? Then, guess what? It sends a receipt by email or text. I really think this is cool. It can figure taxes and record cash purchases too. All for a 2.75% charge, with no other fees at all. Immediate deposit to your account. Sound too good to be true? Well, I am about to find out! Stay tuned for more info on how it works!

New sinks are in!

Look how pretty! This is the after picture, just wait till you see the before picture....not for the squeamish, lol!

Oh my. Now that's bad....but cast iron is NOT the way to go with hard water (or soft water, says I) but we finally got something clean, shiny and pretty. It's like the whole kitchen can relax now....

And here is Mr. Wonderful with his super strong abs...he SO hates plumbing. But he soldiered on, that's why he is Mr. Wonderful. Putting them in ourselves saved us $200 - $300. Cost of the sinks AND faucet set.

Like his cute little head light? Adorable, I know.

I found some stainless steel wipes at the grocery store for $3.78 and they really work well.

Well they are finally in and I am sooooo happy. I put some shelving paper underneath and cleaned out all that junk. It really was worth it. What do you think? Well, to me, fur sure. And of course Mr. Wonderful is simply delighted, lol!

my new table, sink & flea market treasures!

I have found the MOST beautiful table and chairs set at Kmart. That's right Kmart. It is part of the "Jaclyn Smith Collection" which sounds perfectly elegant, lol. But I do love it! It is mahogany and I love the color, almost cherry. And on sale...$199 down from $249. Luurve it!

It is 39"L x 39"W x 36"H and I am tickled pink with it! I have a LARGE dining room table that is way too big for my kitchen dining area and I will be moving it to the den area. This table is just what I want for now. (I have plans for a booth in this area in the future...) As soon as I get it in place I will post pics of how it really looks (along with pics of the table now in there - so you can see the difference.) 

Now, for the sinks!! Needed these for sooooooo long. Presently we have WHITE cast iron....I know, right?!?!?!? We also have hard water with lots of iron (which of couse we have a water softening system but still...) Now I have STAINLESS STEEL. Stainless, I might add...did I say stainless? You get the idea. Lowe's $229 plus tax, a real steel (pun intended.)

And, these are his 'n her sinks. He likes to stack and soak the dishes in the sink. He gets the large one, it's 9" deep. I like to have a sink free of everything for peeling and assorted odd jobs that I can use mine is the little one. It is small and 8" deep so he can't stack it with too much, right? Aaaah, we will see...and now the faucets. We presently have the chrome flat one, which I also hate. I really don't like the one handle for all water temperatures idea....I like being able to choose and adjust individually....

Look, more stainless steel! I only have three holes in my sink, so we're debating on whether or not we are going to use the sprayer. I am thinking through the counter on the left side so Mr. Wonderful can spray to his hearts content! If not, we may not use it. Still a good deal at $93 and we (when I say we, I mean me) are very happy with it. And one more tidbit to share with you is my flea market old wire shelf and DARLING little elephant planter....both for $8. I know, I rock.

I put some little terra cotta planters on some of the shelves....actually they are citronella candles that I plan on recycling with ivy and other plants. I want two or three little wicker or wooden baskets on the bottom shelves for gardening gear. Mr. Wonderful wanted to paint it but I like it just like it is. Do you like?

Tilapia, mac 'n cheese, and slaw

 This is the perfect slaw mix. Just the right amount of dressing and super crisp.

Love tilapia pan grilled with creole and pepper. And of course, mac 'n cheese the easy way! I always add a bit of milk to it to make it smoother. One of our favorite meals!

Love my new must. transfer. Ugh.

Starting a new blog design is always fun! Not. Ideas are fun, implementing them so is NOT. Soooo many details and tiny bits of code to fine tune, then fine tune again. But it is my fault, so onward and upward!